See Matics in Action

Learn How Arkal Automotive Transformed its Global Factories Toward 85% OEE Target Using Matics

Arkal Automotive, a leading thermoplastic manufacturing supplier, serving Tier 1 OEMs in the international automotive industry, confronted complex issues at local sites and across the enterprise. After deploying Matics, they managed to:

  • Increase production efficiency and factory agility for JIT parts deliveries
  • Create a cultural shift and improved synergy on the production floor
  • Enable data-driven decisions based on real utilization, generating enormous cost savings
  • Gain complete visibility over operations in 5 countries from a single interface
  • Improve machine utilization at all sites, with one consistently achieving 85% OEE

Dramatic efficiency improvement
and ROI in a matter of weeks

Matics solution transformed multiple Arkal sites across Spain, USA, Germany, Canada, and China.

Improved Machine Utilization
Remote Visibility of Operations
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