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What Stage Have You Completed?



Information technologies used in isolation



Some connected IT systems that mirror the company’s core business processes



Real-time data is collected to provide an up-to-date digital model of factory operations at all times.



Data is collected and interpreted, and used to make deductions about what is happening on the shop floor and why


Predictive capacity

Sophisticated data collection and analysis allow for predictive functions and forward planning.



Entire system is automated and can automatically adjust based on outside forces.

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About Matics

Matics is a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution that transforms the vast amounts of operational data generated on factory floors, into decision-ready actionable insight that is accessible to the relevant stakeholders when they need it, on any device they want.

Matics was designed to meet the needs of manufacturers directly where it matters most - on their shop floor. By acting as a multi-source data aggregator that connects to any existing ERP, sensor, or machine, and applying advanced algorithms to the data, our advanced RtOI is able to provide manufacturers with real-time intelligence and decision-ready insight that can be used to enhance operations, improve productivity, and optimize efficiency from anywhere, anytime.

Key Benefits

How Matics can help you increase OEE by 10% after 4 weeks

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Real-Time Production
Analytics For Better Focus

Instantly digitalize manufacturing with Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) that transforms data into meaningful actionable insight.

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Comprehensive Communication With Automate Tasks And Procedures

Facilitate communication between managers, operators, technicians and equipment, and gain full visibility into real-time status of the entire manufacturing floor remotely.

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Seamless Plug&Play Remote Integration

Digitalize a single production line or multi- factory operation remotely and without disruption to ongoing operations with our secure cloud-based solution.


“Matics made it possible to collect data in real-time, gain crucial predictive insights and reduce time-to-market per product by 25%"

Ping Chen, Information
System Manager, Tetro


“Matics is a true partner we can rely on to continuously deliver new solutions and solve issues as they arise”

Luiza Kotaba, Information
Technology Assistant,
Advanced Plastics


“With Matics, our access to data is online and immediate and it enables us to make decisions on the spot”

Eran Appel, CEO,
Magic Polo Plast