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About Matics

Matics is a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution that instantly digitalizes manufacturing shop-floors by aggregating high-resolution multi-source data from any ERP, MES, or machine on-site, fusing that information with historical data and advanced to yield contextually relevant decision-ready insights that can be used to improve communication, optimize production efficiency, and provide key stakeholders with an accurate overview of the state of current and future production anywhere, from any device.

Matics enabled us to apply standard measurement to our production lines worldwide, and react in real-time to critical production issues.
Yehuda Bakal
Chief Information Officer, Arkal Automotive
Matics made it possible to collect data in real-time, gain crucial predictive insights and reduce time-to-market per product by 25%.
Ping Chen
Information System Manager, Tetro
Matics is a true partner we can rely on to continuously deliver new solutions and solve issues as they arise.
Luiza Kotaba
Information Technology Assistant, Advanced Plastics

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