The Challenges of Re-shoring Manufacturing Operations, and how Digital Innovations can Help


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Increase Production Efficiency with Real-Time Data

Digital transformation in manufacturing is creating new opportunities to improve shop floor operations. Advanced sensors and IoT (internet of things) devices can provide the data to facilitate greater efficiency at every stage of production. 


Increase Production Efficiency with Real-Time Data

On-time delivery (OTD) is an essential metric that has an immediate and significant impact on any business, particularly manufacturing. Manufacturers need effective solutions to ensure high OTD rates. On today’s factory floor, digitalization is giving them new tools to improve OTD and avoid the costs associated with late delivery.


How to Improve Production Efficiency in the Packaging Industry

Packaging products are integral to the globalized economy that has driven incredible growth in consumer standards of living. The US packaging industry alone has produced more than 82.2 million tons of packaging in 2018.