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What you’ll learn 

Are you a manufacturing expert looking to understand the impact environmental regulations may have on your business? Want to see how the CEO of a mega-factory in China implemented sustainability policies using real-time data in his plant? 

Watch our latest free webinar to hear from top industry experts, what real-time technologies are available for shop floors, and how they can impact your waste and energy management policies. 

What will be discussed: 

  • Technological solutions for waste management and sustainability
  • Improving profitability with a real-time system
  • The impact RtOI solutions have on manufacturing sustainability practices
  • How a mega factory CEO tackles sustainability
  • And more! 

Our speakers

Ilan Ben Meir
CEO at Tetro Ltd.
How a real-time system contributes to sustainability policies.
Assaf Buch
VP of Operations at Matics
The impact a RtOI solution has on manufacturing sustainability practices.
Elie Slama | Moderator
Business Development Manager at Matics

We are pleased to host Ilan Ben Meir, the CEO of Tetro Ltd., a leading OEM/ODM in the plastic industry. Tetro Ltd. is part of Starry Group, a privately owned holding group with eight production facilities in Southeast Asia. Established in 2007, Tetro Ltd. has three production facilities covering 100,000 square meters and employs over 1,200 people.

About Matics

Matics is a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution that instantly digitalizes manufacturing shop-floors by aggregating high-resolution multi-source data from any ERP, MES, or machine on-site, fusing that information with historical data and advanced to yield contextually relevant decision-ready insights that can be used to improve communication, optimize production efficiency, and provide key stakeholders with an accurate overview of the state of current and future production anywhere, from any device.